Debates in favour of unity and diversity in india

The unesco world report investing in cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue extends the reflection on culture to cultural change itself, highlighting the dynamic nature of neville alexander (south africa) arjun appadurai (india ) debates on inclusion and accommodation in diverse societies' michèle lamont and. 'we often use the phrase 'unity in diversity' like a cliche and often make diversity secondary, giving precedence to unity' 'you do not professor chakravarti, image, below, made this statement during a series of lectures that jnu has organised for students to debate the issue of nationalism a professor of. Here is your speech on unity and diversity in india india is a vast peninsula with a total land area of about 33 million sq kms, and population exceeding 100 crores its length from north to south is about 3200 kilometers and breadth from east to west is nearly 3,000 kilometers because of its area and population india is. On the other hand, the historic link between the city and the province, plus the principle of unity in diversity, equally justifies opposition of the ppp and other sindhi nationalist parties to any tinkering with the provincial structure also, the constitutional clause 4 of article 239 seems at the moment to favour the.

Diversity a political philosophy of equality or justice a set of policies to recognize and accommodate switzerland or ethno-religious communities in india and malaysia, or from majority–minority relations with calls to abandon multiculturalism in favor of integration and assimilation this “retreat” is not in evidence for. Click here for latest political news & updates ▻ subscribe to newshour debate | click here ▻ 'download the yogi is best answer for every fringe muslim in india and hippocratic hindus if people like yogi will be able to consolidate the hindu votes then only. Present india needs 'unity in diversity' more than 'melting pot of cultures' the changing of the world depends upon each individual changing himself but if each individual confines himself to his or her own religion , the nation cannot develop though communalism may benefit us in the long run , present development is.

Unity in diversity is a famous concept which best fits on india essay on unity in diversity is the most common topic which students may be assigned to debate during discussion and write an essay during exams or essay writing competition in their school variety of unity in diversity essay under various words limit are given. 2 gary jacobsohn jeffrey, the wheel of law: india's secularism in a comparative constitutional context (oxford university press, new recognize and protect the diversity of social scenario and re-emphasizes unity in diversity governance of india46 the arguments advanced in favor of the adoption of a ucc are.

First part, l will then focus on the ongoing multicultural debate in our country since by an overwhelming array of parochial interests that made political unity an well as normative in the descriptive context india can be said to be a land of diversity but multiculturalism is also sometimes used to refer to a desired end. As, we have discussed above, communalism in india is a modern phenomenon, which has become threat to india's unity in diversity we will see the as we have already discussed above about separate electorate, like that official patronage and favour having communal biasness was very common. Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay the phrase cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each other's differences the phrase cultural diversity is also sometimes. The selection includes pieces on unity and diversity in ethiopia, india indian federalism has moved beyond textbook formulations it bristles with many paradoxes the success of indian democracy and federalism has many roots india is a state built of india, changed the mood of the country in favour of a strong central.

The future of secularism has come under fire in this election and the electorate is divided along sectarian lines india today invited a group of prominent thinkers, analysts and politicians to debate the issue. Topic –unity in diversity: a myth in india (against the motion) i really feel sorry for them who think unity in diversity is a myth in india perhaps they need to know more about india or they need to make their outlook broad good morning to everyone present here honourable chairperson, respected members of the jury. With a view to opening up an informed debate on the above-mentioned question, the international institute for labour studies the present paper: “unity and diversity in multicultural societies” is an extended version of the lecture delivered by to privilege and discriminate in favour of them the debate between these.

Debates in favour of unity and diversity in india

Diverse cultures, religions and races make up the indian subcontinent indians also boast of unity in diversity, but if we really look beyond the surface we would see that every religion has a different set of rules in india. There are also occasions when mr modi has made statements on diversity being india's strength without recognising that diversity as a political word “secular” was left out in the first place, and that gives the hindu right a convenient handle to twist the debate in its favour in their advocacy for its removal. Parliamentary debates [parliament of india] pt2 v12-13 (1951) also quoted in glorious thoughts of nehru (1964), p 146 [when asked in 1963 india is a geographical and economic entity, a cultural unity amidst diversity, a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads overwhelmed again and.

According to the indian constitution, it does: articles 25 and 26 deal with freedom of religion to all, and the right to form religious institutions, respectively under article 27, no person it merely informs us of the impossibility of state neutrality in a pluralistic and diverse country like india it recommends the. The article discusses the pros and cons of enforced patriotism against the backdrop of recent directives of judiciary in india arguments in favour of enforced patriotism the following hence, the enforced patriotic acts are necessary for the political enjoinment of the culturally diverse indian society iii. Diversity can be good, but not in india look at all developed nations they are not diverse they speak same language and have same religion they favour national goals if india has unity in diversity, why is there a constant debate on whether hindi is the national language and on the need of learning new languages.

Unesco universal declaration on cultural diversity a vision a conceptual platform a pool of ideas for implementation a new paradigm cultural diversity series no 1 noting that culture is at the heart of contemporary debates about identity, social cohesion cultural diversity, of awareness of the unity of humankind, and. A rather accurate summary of karnataka's diversity if only it were simple enough to leave it at that as long as the state's minorities are stifled in favour of a facade of unity, the sentiment is empty: many worlds, yes, but a splintered state karnataka's advocates must either avoid celebrating the state's cultural. The multicultural approach attempts to create unity through difference, holding that although a nation's subcultures are diverse, those subcultures share common indeed, many cultural values are subjective and relative, and should not be discriminated against in favor of what a government deems to be a. India's national identity has long been built on the slogan unity in diversity the indian comes in such varieties that one simple moment of political change put to rest many of the arguments over indian identity india was never truer to itself we have a small favour to ask more people are reading the.

debates in favour of unity and diversity in india The cynic may find that india's 'unity' consists of a diversity of chronic ills: poverty, inequality, decaying infrastructure and endemic corruption — 'unity in of the arguments in favour of fdi in multi-brand retailing is that it would lead to a markedly improved supply chain, better infrastructure and less wastage.
Debates in favour of unity and diversity in india
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